Inside Look at 15 Fulfillment Center Videos

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Review of: Amazon Fulfillment Center Video
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Pete Abilla

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On October 14, 2010
Last modified:October 13, 2014


Here's an inside look on 15 of Distribution Centers. You'll see process, automation, and process improvement.

Much has been said about Amazon and how they treat their associates that work in the warehouses. I was an employee at Amazon and I personally didn’t see or experience any negative treatment – (I wasn’t a warehouse worker). Nevertheless, Amazon has grown to become the pre-eminent leader in Logistics and Supply Chain, where Bezos does Kaizen every year.. their approach to Logistics is truly amazing. In fact, the number of amazon packages shipper per day is unreal.

Here are several videos showing an inside look at the Warehouse (sometimes called Amazon “FC”, which stands for Fulfillment Center or “DC” sometimes referred to as Distribution Center) all throughout the world.

As you watch these videos, pay attention to their use of visual management, kanban, and other evidence of Lean in action and Lean within Fulfillment and Distribution and Warehousing.

The Fulfillment Center

Inside Warehouse Processes Fulfillment Center in Swansea, UK Distribution Center, Holiday Season

Fulfillment by Amazon and Amazon Prime Processes Fulfillment Center, Construction Time Lapse, Cyber Monday, Warehouse Distribution Center in Aktion

Fulfillment by Amazon, UK Box – Weird Shipment Distribution Center, Germany Warehouse, Leipzig, Packing Merchandise

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