Action Plan Template for DMAIC Projects

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Learn how to use an Action Plan by reading the rest of the article below or you can just download free action plan template here.

In the DMAIC methodology of Six Sigma, parts of it are managed with standard project management tools, but within the context of an improvement project. The Action Plan, also called a Gantt Chart, is usually used in the Improve Phase, where the root causes are identified and the countermeasures have been decided.

Within the context of the DMAIC Six Sigma Methodology, the Action Plans catalogs all activities that must be performed to ensure successful implementation of the proposed solution(s). This includes the practical methods that were identified on the Solutions Selection Matrix and any solutions to barriers discovered in the Barriers & Aids analysis that were not cancelled by offsetting aids.

Action Plans answer these basic questions:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • How?

Action Plans define an organized, effective implementation of selected solutions.

DMAIC Action Plan Construction

Below are some helpful steps in creating an action plan (within the context of a DMAIC project):

  1. Analyze the proposed improvement or solution and break it down into manageable steps
  2. List the activities that must be done to ensure successful implementation of the improvements
  3. For each activity, identify the resources needed / responsible for each step
  4. List the remaining barriers from the barriers-and-aids analysis and any actions that can be taken to overcome these barriers (and who will do them)
  5. Brainstorm, if necessary, for other items of possible significance
  6. Add Due Dates for each activity
  7. Track the status of each activity on the master list

Below is an example of what an Action Plan might look like.

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