Business Needs Assessment

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Review of: Business Needs Assessment

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On November 15, 2013
Last modified:December 13, 2013


Premium HD Video explains business needs assessment using the strategy tree which is an alternative to hoshin kanri.

In this 6:46 minute Premium HD Video entitle “Business Needs Assessment”, we introduce several ways to identify the needs of a business and demonstrate how to create a business case from that information. We specifically teach two specific methods:

  1. Performance Metrics Mapping: This explains the nested approach and how to align your specific areas of responsibility to that of the broader organization.
  2. The Strategy Tree: This is an alternative to Hoshin Kanri. It is used in some Toyota Plants and is a very effective alternative to Hoshin Kanri.

The video below also explains how to use the downloadable templates included as part of the DMAIC Training Curriculum.

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