Employee Suggestion Form Template Free Download

Obtaining employee suggestions is different in the context of Lean than in other contexts. The video tells more about suggestion programs, after which you can find an employee suggestion form template free download.

Employee suggestion schemes in Lean are done with a two fold purpose:

  1. Involvement of broad audience
  2. Solve problems in immediate work areas using a systematic approach

Explaining the purpose of a suggestion program is much easier than actually implementing it. The actual implementation can actually be very difficult, but the fruits of which can also be very rewarding. The benefits can be the following:

  • Personal development of team members
  • Problems are solved at the root cause through systematic, daily, and effective application of Lean
  • Problems are made visible and owned by the team. This is important – the problems are owned and tackled by the teams in that area.

Let me explain how the suggestion form template download can help in the effective implementation of an employee suggestion program.

free download of suggestion program template