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On July 26, 2015
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Learn Lean Training and the Toyota Management Development System

Want Lean Training like the one Taught at Toyota? 1

Learn the Toyota Floor Management Development System


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Lean is Simple, but many overcomplicate it.

Lean is a Management System that is supported by Employee and Management Behavior. It’s not a series of projects, workshops, or events. What you’re looking for is the Manage for Daily Improvement Lean Manufacturing System 2.

This curriculum will show you Exactly how does Toyota practices Lean (The Toyota Production System). At Toyota, called Floor Management Development System. Outside Toyota Manufacturing, it’s sometimes called Manage for Daily Improvement (MDI), or simply Shop Floor Management. This program will help you:

1. Work as a team to establish a standard in your work area.
2. Establish correct metrics that tell you Normal from Abnormal conditions.
3. Implement Visual Management to alert you and the team of abnormal conditions.
4. Know what to do to respond to any abnormalities in the area. This includes learning how to conduct Root Cause Analysis and involve and empower the broader team to solve problems.
5. Improve communication within the team, between shifts, and with upper level management.
6. Be happier at work. Let’s face it, when we are involved and provide meaningful contribution, we are happier.

When you buy this curriculum, you will be able to apply its principles and practices immediately.

This curriculum was developed while I was a consultant to companies and the content is taken directly from my experience at Toyota.

A program like this, conducted by an outside consulting firm, will typically costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. Trust me, I’ve been at companies where they would spend upwards of $15,000 for training like this.

You’re smarter than that.

The material is flexible and can be branded to fit your organization. This means the PowerPoint templates are simple, so that you can easily style it to your liking. This curriculum is designed to get your team to begin Shop Floor Management within 4 days.

Lean Training Topics

  1. Manage for Daily Improvement Overview
  2. SQDC (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Costs)
  3. 5S Visual Workplace
  4. Point Kaizen and Error Proofing
  5. How to Eliminate Waste
  6. Abnormality Management
  7. Gemba Walk Primer
  8. Standard Operations
  9. Changing the Culture
  10. How to Deploy the Floor Management Development System
  11. Role of Supervisors in a Lean Organization

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Lean Templates

  1. Kaizen Newspaper
  2. Shop Floor Management Metric Reports
  3. Skill Matrix and Evaluation Charts
  4. SQDC Board Examples
  5. 5 Why Worksheet
  6. A3 Template
  7. Defect Positioning Diagram
  8. Kaizen Planning Form
  9. Motion Observation Checklist (5 versions)
  10. Point Kaizen Worksheet
  11. Poka Yoke Worksheet
  12. Quality Map
  13. Red Flag Conditions
  14. Spaghetti Diagram
  15. Time Observation Form
  16. Waste Observation Form
  17. 5 Why Examples

Let me show you a little of what you’ll get if you choose to purchase this Lean curriculum:

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  1. Disclaimer: This course material is not endorsed by Toyota. This material is inspired by my time at Toyota.
  2. PS: For all the material you’ll be receiving, this is a great deal. Purchase Now, you won’t regret it