Kaizen is Both a Principle and a Method in Lean. These Articles Explain and Show How you Can Apply Kaizen Today

Kaizen Before and After Template

before and after kaizen template download

The Kaizen Before and After Template is simple and effective and can help communicate the results from your Kaizen Efforts. The Kaizen Before and After Template has 5 main parts. And, go here for a funny perspective on the feelings before and during a Kaizen event. 0. Problem In this section, you want to elaborate […]

Kaizen Newspaper

daily kaizen with kaizen newspaper

In Lean, there is plenty of talk about pretty diagrams, data, charts, etc. But at the end of the day, Taiichi Ohno was concerned more with actual changes – he always emphasized that Lean was practice over theory. To help us focus on making actual improvements to our process, one template that can help is […]

Ever Wonder What Kaizen and Shaving Have in Common?

art and science of kaizen

 At first glance, there’s no relationship between Kaizen and Shaving. But, like most things, it takes creativity and insight to recognize that a well planned and executed Kaizen that yields positive results is no different than a well executed and planned shave, where the outcome is a close, clean, and a razor burn free shave. […]

Types of Kaizen and Training Required

kaizen event, kaizen training

There are various types of Kaizen. The term “Point Kaizen” or “Kaizen Event” of “Kaizen Training” are well-worn statements. We’re familiar with them, as most companies have tried Kaizen or something Lean related at some point in its existence. But, has anybody actually stopped to ask why we use “Point”? or why we use the […]

Kaizen Applied to Everyday Life


This article is a guest post from Noeradji Prabowo, a continuous improvement practitioner in Indonesia. In this article, he shares a simple and effective application of Kaizen and the Kaizen frame of mind to a common activity in business meetings: drinking coffee. Learn more about Noeradji Prabowo after the article. Beginning in November 2011, we […]