Respect for People and Takt Time

example of chart showing takt time and cycle time

Elaborating on the Respect for People principle and challenge from Bob Emiliani, in this article I want to show how Respect for People relates to Takt Time – it’s not just about the “what”, but it’s about the “how”. I’ll do so by showing how Respect for People looks like to Employees, Suppliers, Customers, Investors, […]

Respect for People Principle

respect for people principle in lean management fujio cho

Bob Emiliani published a very good article on principle of Respect for People 1 – an aspect not well understood in Lean Management. This article addresses specifically the other 2 types of wastes that are less commonly discusses – Mura and Muri. At bottom, Lean is meant to build people that are high yield, low maintenance. […]