Visual Management is an Enabler for Effective Lean Leadership. Many Examples, Templates, and Articles Below Can Help You in Your Lean Journey

Visual Management is an effective way to manage a process. You can gain efficiency and effectiveness by making the process visible. Another benefit is that the visibility of the process also enables faster communication and identification of problems much quicker. Find Visual Control tools, templates, board examples in the following articles below.

Prostate Cancer Decision Tree: A Process Map for the Rest of Us

when to get your prostrate checked, a decision tree and process map

Prostate Cancer is a serious topic. But, today, I want to share with you something that made me smile. I went to the doctor last week and, while waiting for him to finish chit chatting with the nursing staff, I noticed something on the wall that was interesting and helpful: A Prostate Cancer Decision Tree […]

Visual Management at a Hotel

visual management at a hotel

Don’t you hate it when you attempt to get a fork from a condiment stand, but end up picking up a spoon? Has that ever happened to you? I hope I’m not alone in this one. Well, at a recent hotel stay, I experienced simple and powerful visual management that completely prevented me from making […]

Job Chart Buddy Wheel


As most of you know, I have a pretty big family. I’m grateful for my family and I love all the kids – but sometimes, okay more often than not – things are a bit crazy. So, we need all the help we can get in running this massive operation I call my family. That […]

Bathroom Cleaning Chart: Whose Toothbrush is it?

toothbrush visual management

When you have 9 children with an age range of 14 years for the oldest and 2 as the youngest, the more they can do things on their own (self-sufficient) the better it is for mom and dad and, ultimately, for them. One goal we have as parents is for our kids to learn to […]

Visual Management: What’s In It For Me?

visual management applications in operations

Answering the question “What’s In It For Me” (also known by its acronym WIIFM, pronounced “WE-FEM”) is a common change management strategy. Often times the approach is to demonstrate how one method or another is important and how the application of that method will help the person you’re trying to persuade. Almost always, education is […]