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Pete Abilla

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On April 1, 2011
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Manhattan Associates is a premier warehouse management system for distribution centers and fulfillment centers. Learn more about its capability and what they offer for free.

Manhattan Associates is currently the leader when it comes to Supply Chain software, especially warehouse management system software. They have many competitors, but their WMS is used by some of the largest companies in the world. Manhattan Warehouse Management System Software is the envy of many WMS providers. From my personal experience, the accolades that Manhattan receives from the logistics community is well deserved. Great software.

WMS Details

They offer a suite of software, but the description below is for the Warehouse solution. In their words,

Inside the walls of your warehouse, your utilization of every component—space, people, inventory and equipment—will impact your bottom line in profound ways over time. Warehouse Management enables you to analyze these components continually, so you can conserve effort, fill orders faster and more accurately, save space and reduce inventory.

Use Warehouse Management to optimize:

  • Inventory: With our complete inventory management capabilities, track data on every unit utilizing the latest technologies. Improve the accuracy of every order and reduce safety stock.
  • Labor: Make people more efficient by managing their tasks and improving their processes. Plan and balance workload and monitor activities with integration to Labor Management.
  • Physical Space: Cross-docking and flow-through capabilities, plus integration with Yard Management, reduce the need for warehouse space. Improve warehouse layout for faster fulfillment and overhead reduction.
  • Time: Automate picking, packing and shipping, and minimize the number of moves per order. Analyze every facet of order fulfillment to speed processing and improve customer service.
  • Costs: Aggregate orders to reduce transportation and shipping costs. Eliminate annual physical counts. Reduce expenses on labor and storage.

Your warehouse is one link in your supply chain. With visibility into processes that precede and follow that link, your warehouse will become an accelerator—not a roadblock—to drive greater profitability and customer satisfaction. Warehouse Management links robustly and easily with:

  • Slotting Optimization: The physical location of inventory in a warehouse is critical to your workforce’s ability to fill orders quickly, accurately and safely. Slotting Optimization scientifically determines the best picking profile for your warehouse, and enables you to make timely, intelligent decisions as ordering trends change.Are fast-moving items in the most accessible locations? Are slots allocated in the most efficient manner according to product size and weight? Are risks to your employees reduced or eliminated? Is your storage capacity optimized for your current stock? Slotting Optimization automates these enhancements to your warehouse, and, working alongside Warehouse Management, tracks your changing inventory to enable continual improvements. Slotting Optimization can be used from day one to plan racking requirements and maximize capital investments in costly warehouse infrastructure.
  • The Science of Product Slotting: How does it work? Slotting Optimization uses data on each product’s physical characteristics and order frequency to calculate a relative value for each position its slot might inhabit within your facility. Then it aggregates these values for all products, and compares millions of move combinations against your user-configured strategies to determine the single optimal layout for your warehouse.As input data changes, such as seasonal ordering trends or new or discontinued products, Slotting Optimization can revise its recommendations incrementally, to keep your warehouse at maximum efficiency without costly overhauls.
  • Distributed Order Management: Meeting customer demand on a timely basis drives customer satisfaction, while ordering excess inventory hurts your bottom line. Keep supply and demand in profitable balance with Distributed Order Management. That means having a global view of your inventory—at the supplier, in transit or at your warehouse—along with real-time aggregated order reporting. You’ll always know what you need and what you have.Distributed Order Management simplifies your fulfillment process by orchestrating the following services inside a business process engine:Aggregating and prioritizing orders: Whether your customers order online, at a store or through your call center, all orders land in a central repository for visibility and enterprise-wide order fulfillment. Distributed Order Management also ensures your most important customers receive the inventory when it’s in short supply.
  • Sourcing: Optimize procurement across an extensive supply network, including stores, distribution centers and your suppliers, to meet current demand. Automatically generate purchase orders for additional supplies when needed. Plan for the future with Demand Forecasting. Receive immediate notice of events that may delay order delivery.Scheduling and shipping: Ensure your delivery commitments remain realistic by monitoring available-to-promise (ATP) requirements. Efficiently route your orders to customers, distribution centers, retailers and partners to minimize delivery time and storage costs. Reduce transportation costs by linking to TransportationPlanning and Execution: Managing exceptions and substitutions: Predict inventory shortages, potential customer service issues and delivery problems, so you have the time and information necessary to place new orders, reroute, substitute and communicate with customers. Reduce back-orders and meet customer demand by automating substitutions for similar products based on your own rules.Deploying Inventory: Reroute in-transit inventory based on where it’s needed most. Monitor distribution center and store-level inventory positions and distribute inventory as it clears customs. Fulfill customer orders from anywhere in the inbound network, including transloading facilities and logistics hubs.Reporting: Capture key performance metrics and establish benchmarks for on-time deliveries, cash-to-cash cycle time, inventory turns and forecasting accuracy. Get the information you need to continuously improve your fulfillment process.
  • Labor Management: Labor is a significant cost—typically 55% of the total cost of warehouse operations—yet it is among the most manageable. Manhattan Associates’ Labor Management enables your warehouse to be more productive with the workforce it has, or find new ways to cut costs. At the same time, it decreases employee turnover by providing essential feedback to workers—feedback that rewards efficiency, quality and safety. These improvements ultimately lead to faster order fulfillment and flawless execution.Labor Management works by storing your database of standards for every key task. For each associate, the actual times for task completion are monitored in real time and compared to standards. Employees at all levels receive immediate feedback on their performance.
  • Transportation Lifecycle Management: Because your customers count on you to deliver the right products to them when and where they’re needed, you can’t afford to be blindsided by shipping problems in Asia, blizzard-bound trucks in Canada or even delays unloading at your warehouses. Managing deliveries is only one part of the job, though; you also need to manage costs. You want to be sure you’ve struck the right balance between your own fleet and commercial carriers—and negotiated the best rates for all your lanes in every mode. And, that the bills you receive reflect the prices you set.Manhattan Associates’ Transportation Lifecycle Management provides all the tools you need to reduce costs, reroute around trouble spots, coordinate deliveries precisely and deliver more, faster, for less money. Your business requires a global view of transportation across all modes. Inbound or outbound, from bidding to billing, Manhattan Associates helps you see it all.
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