Operations Management is a Broad Topic with Many Applications. These Articles show the Various Application to Many Industries

Inventory Management: Is Reshoring US Manufacturing the Answer?

symbiant technologies

We’re pleased to have David Hutchinson provide this op-ed article on his thoughts about trend of Reshoring US Manufacturing. David is the founder and CEO of Symbiant Technologies, a solution provider in the inventory management sector. Learn more about David after the article. Lean isn’t a destination for distributors, it’s a journey. The reshoring trend […]

3D Printing: 7 Companies To Watch [Video]

3d printing, 7 companies to watch

As many of you know, shmula.com allows guest bloggers to submit articles in areas of manufacturing, operations research, technology, customer experience, lean manufacturing, leadership, and innovation. In that spirit, we have a guest post today from a 3D Printing expert – an area of intense interest. He shares with us 3D Printing Companies to watch. […]

Lean Inventory Management: 5 Results You Can Expect


Pete’s Note: Today we have a guest post from Robert Lockard, who has written for shmula in the past on topics related to Inventory Management. Today is his third installment where he focuses his article on what one can expect from applying the principles of lean manufacturing to inventory management. Enjoy. In my last two […]

How a Warehouse Can Reduce Costs and Increase Service Level

space capacity, warehousing

In Lean, inventory is often viewed in a negative light. Indeed, inventory is one of the 7 deadly wastes. Is the traditional position of Lean justified in thinking so negatively against inventory and the warehousing that goes along with it? Single Piece Flow, while an ideal state for a company to be at, is not […]