How Do I Sell Lean to My Boss and Organization?

table 3 of cost of poor quality

This is a question I get frequently. How to sell lean to your boss is a question we have all asked at one point or another. The more fundamental question is really about influence, persuasion, and change management. Another thing. And this is super important to understand. Change is NOT an intellectual task. Change, at […]

Control Charts in Six Sigma – A Video Introduction


Control Charts in Six Sigma is an important topic. In this 7:05 video, we introduce you to the control chart. Specifically, we’ll discuss the following: What is a Control Chart? What is it used for? Where to use one? How to use a Control Chart? And, we go through several examples where Control Charts are […]

Sample Size Calculation in Six Sigma


In the previous module, we learned to how to calculate the Z Score to estimate the probability of an event. You’ll need to know the basics of the Z Score in order to help you in this module. In this module, we learn how to calculate sample size selection for Six Sigma projects. Why Use […]

Using Z Values in Six Sigma


In the previous module, we learned Basic Statistics as used in Six Sigma. We learned that statistics is the language of Six Sigma and saw several real world examples from projects of how statistics can be used to improve operations and processes. In this module, we learn how to use Z Values or the Z […]

Basic Statistics in Six Sigma

population parameters in statistics

In this module, we’ll discuss the following various statistical approached utilized in Six Sigma. 1. The Purpose of Basic Statistics The purpose for statistics in Six Sigma are the following: Provide a numerical summary of the data being analyzed. Provide the basis for making inferences about the future. Provide the foundation for assessing process capability. […]