Sample Size Calculation in Six Sigma

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Review of: Sample Size Calculations in Six Sigma
Sample Size Calculations in Six Sigma:
Pete Abilla

Reviewed by:
On May 23, 2014
Last modified:May 23, 2014


sample size calculation in six sigma is important so we can get a representative sample of how large the problem is and what solutions we need to use.

In the previous module, we learned to how to calculate the Z Score to estimate the probability of an event. You’ll need to know the basics of the Z Score in order to help you in this module.

In this module, we learn how to calculate sample size selection for Six Sigma projects.

Why Use Sample Sizes?

Data collection could take a long time and can become expensive. Instead of measuring an entire population, we instead take a sample from the population. Using statistics, we can ensure that the sample we obtain from the population is representative.

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