These articles highlight strategies in Customer Experience Management: from examples of current leading practices in customer experience to everyday stories of how customer experience can help organizations gain a competitive advantage, greater customer retention, and growth.

Call Center Balancing Act: Cost and Customer Satisfaction

call centers and the value of a phone call

It’s not a surprise that most call centers are very cost focused and not completely customer focused. There’s an upside and a downside to this approach: on the one hand, call centers are traditionally “cost centers” – that is, they don’t provide revenue for the firm. From this perspective, it’s important that cost be contained […]

How to Game the Net Promoter Score

how to game your nps score

Among other philosophical questions you’ve pondered, I’m sure you’ve also asked yourself “How to Game the Net Promoter Score?”. Well, I’m here to answer that question for you. How to apply an effective net promoter score program is a topic for a different day. As more and more companies adopt the Net Promoter Score, I’m […]

Where’s My Pizza? Behind The Scenes at Domino’s Pizza Tracker

domino's pizza tracker animated gif video

Domino’s Pizza Tracker Process – A Behind the Scenes Look at what actually happens in the Domino’s Pizza Kitchen and how the steps in the kitchen connects to the steps in the Pizza Tracker – the tool the customer interacts with. If you’ve been reading Shmula for some time, you know my unusual appreciation for […]

Customer Service Awkward Moments: Live Human is Busy

live person customer service

Have you ever experienced an odd customer service moment? That was a trick question – of course you have. We all have. And, I just experience one yesterday. So, I’m naming this article “Customer Service Awkward Moments: Live Human is Busy”. Let me explain. I was on a site yesterday and I had a question […]

Developing Customer Personas To Create Customer Journey Maps

customer personas to build customer journey maps

Developing Customer Personas are a critical step in building ┬áCustomer Journey Maps. Keeping in mind the purpose of the exercise is key: We develop customer journey maps in order to gain empathy for the customer, learn what they actually go through versus what we think they go through, identify the steps as well as the […]