Everyone believes that good customer service is strategic and can help the company grow, but great service still seems like a far reach for most companies. These articles show examples of great service and how you can apply those principles in your own organization right away!

LiquidWeb Dedicated Hosting and a Lesson in Customer Experience


Shmula.com gets a lot of traffic. I’ve been through the website hosting seesaw of trying different website hosting companies. After using shared hosting, I finally went with dedicated hosting through LiquidWeb and haven’t regreted it ever since. This article will discuss my journey, why I ended up with my current web host, liquidweb, and perhaps […]

Call Center Balancing Act: Cost and Customer Satisfaction

call centers and the value of a phone call

It’s not a surprise that most call centers are very cost focused and not completely customer focused. There’s an upside and a downside to this approach: on the one hand, call centers are traditionally “cost centers” – that is, they don’t provide revenue for the firm. From this perspective, it’s important that cost be contained […]

Customer Service Awkward Moments: Live Human is Busy

live person customer service

Have you ever experienced an odd customer service moment? That was a trick question – of course you have. We all have. And, I just experience one yesterday. So, I’m naming this article “Customer Service Awkward Moments: Live Human is Busy”. Let me explain. I was on a site yesterday and I had a question […]

Godaddy Transfer Domain: A Lesson in Customer Service During a Massive Crisis

godaddy, customer support

I’ve had serious issues with Godaddy, BlueHost, JustHost, and Hostgator. Serious issues. After 7 years of web hosting problems, I finally switched to a service that I LOVE – LiquidWeb. Read about my experience with web hosting companies. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LIQUIDWEB Godaddy.com, the controversial domain hosting service – known for its racy and random […]

Customer Service Tips from the DMV

dmv customer service

A few weeks ago, I renewed my driver’s license and I documented my Queueing experience of waiting in line at the DMV. There was a sign, hidden behind a desk, that appeared to contain some tips on customer service and it drew my interest. I received wonderful customer service at the Tennessee Department of Motor […]