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Fishbone Diagram Template in Excel

fishbone diagram excel template

Today I’m giving away the Fishbone Diagram Template in Excel. This template attempts to automate the job of creating a fishbone diagram and should help you and your team get on your way to finding root causes. And if you’re learning six sigma, you’ll undoubtedly learn how to create a Fishbone Diagram. The template is […]

Gantt Chart Excel Template Download

gantt chart excel sheet

The simple but helpful Gantt Chart Excel Template download will save you a lot of time by automating the process of project tracking and documenting progress. A Gantt Chart is a tool that helps you do the following: List the tasks needed to complete the project Attach duration of each tasks Assign owners to each […]

Six Sigma Stakeholder Communicator’s Plan

template for six sigma communicators

Unlike the communication plan for six sigma projects, the Six Sigma Stakeholder Communicator’s Plan template takes it from the communicator’s perspective. For example, if you a stakeholder group, this template helps you answer the question of who you should communicate to. For example, if your Lean or Six Sigma deployment is supported by the CEO, the worksheet […]

Six Sigma Communication Plan Template

communication plan for lean six sigma projects

This simple Six Sigma Communication Plan Template will help you gather your thoughts about what you should communicate, how often you should communicate, which stakeholder groups you should communicate to. The template is easy to complete and is flexible, which allows you to adjust it to your business needs. Ultimately, this plan will help you […]

Business Objectives Alignment Worksheet Template

align business objectives of lean six sigma projects

The Business Objectives Alignment Worksheet is nowhere near the completeness and exhaustiveness of the Hoshin Kanri X Matrix, but it is a simple and easy tool to complete to make sure that your lean and six sigma projects are aligned to a business objective and are attacking a specific metric (moving the needle) so that […]