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Hundreds of free templates on lean, six sigma, strategy consulting, and business effectiveness. Get them here.

We're here to help make your job easier by providing Lean Manufacturing PowerPoint Training Presentations, training videos, and templates you can download on a variety of topics. Whether it's a Lean Transformation, Six Sigma Deployment, or a Voice of the Customer Program, we've got your back so you can focus on on the business of improving the customer experience.

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Template Name Description and Use of Template Type
Shmula Guide to the Toyota 7 Wastes This is our guide to the 7 Wastes. This eBook is 25 pages long and explains the 7 Wastes and shows how they manifests themselves in various industries such as Human Resource management, Paid Search Marketing, Healthcare, Medical Records Management, Environmental Management, and others. pdf-logo
Point Kaizen Event Guide Point Kaizen Event Guide - a checklist to help you manage your Kaizen from beginning to end. Get it FREE. kaizen event field guide
Chi-Square Analysis Template The Chi-Square analysis template is an easy to use template where you can plugin in your categorical data and conduct analysis using the Chi Square distribution. This hypothesis test is especially relevant for Present/Not Present analysis. excel-icon
RACI Template The RACI Template, sometimes referred to as RASCI, stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consultant, and Informed. It's an easy and effective approach to managing projects and action items. excel-icon
Portfolio of Initiatives This is a PowerPoint template of a classic Mckinsey strategic and tactical tool to map initiatives against variables important to the firm. powerpoint-icon
Action Plan Template This is a basic action plan template, focused on getting things done. excel-icon
Solution Selection Matrix This is an excel template to rank and prioritize potential solutions to verified root causes. excel-icon
Run Chart Template A run chart is one of the 7 quality tools. This template will help you quickly create one. excel-icon
Stakeholder Analysis A template to capture stakeholders and ability to rank them by influence. powerpoint-icon
Critical to Quality Basic template to capture critical to quality, focused on the CTQ tree. powerpoint-icon
SIPOC Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Output, Customers - template to help you build a SIPOC. excel-icon
Suggestion Form An example suggestion form for your employee suggestion program, focused on the 5 Whys. powerpoint-icon
Lean A3 Form Example An actual A3 from my time at Toyota. pdf-logo
ECRS Template Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange, and Simplify - ECRS template to help you. excel-icon
Customer Journey Map Template to help you capture the process, moments of truth, and emotional dimension of the customer's journey. powerpoint-icon
SWOT Analysis Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats template. powerpoint-icon
Checksheet Template A basic Checksheet template to help you get started. excel-icon
Value Stream Map Symbols Need symbols for you PowerPoint Value Stream Map? Get it here. zip
Signal to Noise Worksheet Simple worksheet to help you record signal to noise, similar to a waste recording worksheet. excel-icon
FMEA Excel Sheet Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) Excel Worksheet that calculates and prioritizes failure modes in your process. excel-icon
Countermeasure Worksheet Simple countermeasure worksheet to help you brainstorm countermeasures agains specific root causes. Template in excel format. excel-icon
Takt Time Calculator Excel Takt Time Calculator. Enter input fields and output is Takt Time in seconds and minutes. excel-icon
Kanban Card Generator Excel Sheet that generates a Kanban Card. Enter input fields and output are Kanban Cards you can print. excel-icon
Attribute Gauge R&R Spreadsheet that allows you to collect and analyze and report on a Gauge R&R Test. excel-icon
Paired T Test and Regular T Test Excel spreadsheet that automates the Paired T Test and also the regular Student's T Test (non paired). excel-icon
Histogram Generator Spreadsheet that automates the creation of the Histogram. excel-icon
Pareto Chart Generator Excel sheet that automates the creation of a Pareto Chart. Just enter your inputs, and the chart is generated. excel-icon
Checksheet Generator Spreadsheet that automates and steps you through the creation of a checksheet. In all honesty, it's probably faster to create a checksheet by hand or in excel from scratch, but this may be helpful to some. excel-icon
Fishbone Diagram Generator Excel spreadsheet that automates the helps you step through the creation of a Fishbone diagram. What you might find is that paper and pencil will be faster any automated tool. But, we provide this template just in case. excel-icon
Gantt Chart Generator Excel spreadsheet that automates the creation of a Gantt Chart. excel-icon
Control Chart: Cumulative Sum Cumulative Sum control chart generator. If you don't have SigmaXL, JMP, or Minitab, then this template will help you create a CUSUM Control Chart. excel-icon
Control Chart: XBar/R XBar and R Control Charts can be created with this excel spreadsheet. The sheet steps you through the process. excel-icon
Control Chart: EWMA Chart Excel sheet that steps you through the creation of a exponential weight moving average (EWMA) control chart. excel-icon
Control Chart: C-Chart / U-Chart A C-Chart and U-Chart excel generator. excel-icon
Control Chart: PChart / NPChart P-Chart and NP-Chart spreadsheet that automates the control charts. Just enter you data and generate. excel-icon
Control Chart: XMR Chart XMR Control Chart spreadsheet that produces your control chart. All you have to do is enter your values. excel-icon
Communication Toolkit This simple and effective template will help you design a communication plan for your stakeholders. pdf-logo
Business Unit Objectives Alignment Worksheet Document will help you identify the business unit objectives and key metrics so that you can align lean and six sigma projects to the what is important to the business unit. pdf-logo
Communicators Form Worksheet This worksheet helps you identify all the stakeholders and the level of communication each needs to provide or receive. Very helpful worksheet and, as we all know, communication can either make or break your lean and six sigma project. pdf-logo
Variation Journal A simple template that allows you to enter instances of variation in your process in a simple and structured way. pdf-logo
Y=F(x) + e Worksheet This is a template that allows you to enter input and output and error data in the format of Y=F(x)+e. pdf-logo
Six Sigma FAQ Worksheet with questions that will allow you to create a FAQ page for your department or company. pdf-logo
Kaizen Newspaper Template worksheet to record daily management kaizen - Kaizen Newspaper. pdf-logo
Before and After Kaizen Worksheet Variation on the Kaizen Newspaper, showing Before and After. pdf-logo
Hoshin Kanri X-Matrix Template Hoshin, or strategic deployment, is the Lean approach to management, ensuring there's alignment throughout the organization. One tool used in that approach is the X-Matrix. Download to learn more. kaizen event field guide
Queueing Analysis Template Excel spreadsheet that allows you to enter Queueing information and apply Little's Law to your queueing operations. kaizen event field guide
Prioritization Matrix Simple spreadsheet that helps you to prioritize your projects based on criteria you set. kaizen event field guide
Lean for the Environment Toolkit that shows how to implement lean within the context of the environment, with case studies and many examples. pdf-logo