Variation Journal Template Download

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Review of: Variation Journal Template Download
Variation Journal Template Download:
Pete Abilla

Reviewed by:
On June 4, 2014
Last modified:October 11, 2014


The variation journal template download is simple and effective way of recording the undesirable variation in your processes.

The Variation Journal Template is an easy and effective way to identify unwanted variation in your processes, or steps in your process. This simple journal allows your team members to record the following:

0. Activity

In this section you want to record the specific activity you were performing. This can be a step in a process, for example.

1. Undesirable Variation

Was the outcome of your activity expected? If not, then that can be considered an undesirable variation that you can record in the template sheet.

2. Effect of the Variation

If there was undesirable variation, what was exactly the outcome? How did effect the customer? How about the employee? What about the impact on feelings and emotions, not just the process? For example, if you experienced an undesirable outcome, record the actual impact but also how you felt, such as “I hit the wrong button. I felt stupid”.

3. Is Variation Controllable?

This is important. We must note whether the variation is within our control or not within our control. If it is, then those are perfect areas where you can focus your Kaizen efforts.

4. Variation Journal Video Tutorial

5. Variation Journal Template Download

Go get your template download by clicking on the Instant Download button below.

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