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Review of: Visual Management in Hospitality Industry - Lean and Six Sigma

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On April 1, 2014
Last modified:October 9, 2014


Visual Management at a Hotel or in the hospitality industry may seem trivial or simple, but following the principles of visual management can be very, very powerful. Read more here.

Don’t you hate it when you attempt to get a fork from a condiment stand, but end up picking up a spoon? Has that ever happened to you? I hope I’m not alone in this one. Well, at a recent hotel stay, I experienced simple and powerful visual management that completely prevented me from making this common error.

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I’ve been staying at many hotels recently. At one recent stay at a Hilton Hotel (The Hampton Brand), I noticed something refreshing, instructive, and actually helpful: simple visual management in the breakfast lobby.

The Hampton is nice because they provide a good breakfast, so I can quickly go in there, grab something, then head to work. During one of those hectic mornings, I quickly went in, looked for the oatmeal, grabbed my bowl, grabbed a spoon, then began eating.

Then, it dawned on me: I knew exactly where to go for my bowl and spoon, even though this was the first time I had stayed at this hotel. And, instead of picking up a fork or a knife, I actually picked the utensil I meant to get – a spoon!

That’s the power of visual management.

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So, what’s the beauty of this?

Principles of Visual Management

The benefits of visual management are the following:

  • Visual Management allows us to self-order and self-organize
  • Visual Management is self-explanatory – that is, a human doesn’t need to be present in the workplace to explain what’s going on.
  • Visual Management allows for obvious and self-improvement.

The example from the Hilton satisfies all 3 criteria above. So simple and so effective.

visual management spoons forks e1396366667749 Visual Management at a Hotel


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