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Video showing the various definitions of Six Sigma and its many applications in industry and business.

¤â sigma is a letter of the Greek alphabet. Mathematicians use this symbol to signify standard deviation, an important measure of variation.┬áVariation designates the distribution or spread about the average of any process.

what is six sigma, variation curve

The blue Line designates narrow variation while the orange line designated wide variation. Obviously the less variation within a process makes the process more predictable, assuming the mean is not moving all over the place. If you took the height of everyone in class would you expect a large variation or narrow variation. What if you had a few professional basketball player in the room, would that widen or narrow the variation?

Watch the Shmula.com Premium Video below to learn more. In this 5:42 video, you’ll learn the various definitions and meaning of Six Sigma including:

  • Sigma as a Symbol
  • Sigma as a Value
  • Sigma as a Level
  • Sigma as a Method
  • Sigma as a Goal
  • Sigma as a Business Philosophy

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