9 Emotions Only Kaizen Event Leaders Understand

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Review of: Kaizen Event Checklist

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On April 10, 2014
Last modified:October 10, 2014


Kaizen Leaders need help in facilitating kaizen events. Get this checklist and read about how to lead kaizen here.

Kaizen Leaders – this article is for you.

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Technically, there is only one type of Kaizen – and that’s Daily Kaizen – because if it’s good, then it’s worth doing quickly. But, in practice, especially the way Lean is taught and practiced by many unqualified, random, and shady Lean consultants, Kaizen is perceived as of various types. Anyways.

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For those that have led and facilitated Point Kaizen Events, you have undoubtedly experience many emotions as you led a group through the steps of Plan-Do-Check-Act. Especially early in your career. But even more experienced veterans, there’s still some element of nervousness.

You will surely relate to and understand these emotions. For those new to Lean, this is what you have to look forward to.

1. Leading Kaizen Events is a roller coaster of emotions.

kaizen is a roller coaster of emotions

2. You’ve prepared and done a lot of pre-work.

kaizen event preparation, pre work

3. But then . . . you forgot to invite the Kaizen Event Sponsor – Your BOSS!

forgot to invite kaizen event sponsor

4. Nevertheless, you are mostly feeling confident right now.

kaizen event preparation checklist, confidence

5. But, wait, right before the event begins, you all of a sudden get nervous.

nervous before lean kaizen event

6. What if you get tongue tied?

kanye west, tongue tied

7. What if you mess up and look like a fool?

kaizen event, look like a fool

8. Whatever happens, happens. Let’s rock this.

how to facilitate and lead kaizen

9. Then, it turns out that you freaked out for no reason. You finish facilitating the Kaizen Event and it went awesome!

checklist for lean kaizen events

Go grab the FREE Kaizen Event Guide. Totally Free.

kaizen event guide

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