My name is Pete Abilla.  This website is my take on the Customer Experience, eCommerce Operations, The Toyota Production SystemLean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Queueing Theory, Operations Management, building software, Customer Service, and you’ll see bits of family stuff too.

This blog is a personal blog. Even so, the articles on this personal blog have been quoted by the Asian Development Bank, Business Insider, Quality Digest, CIO.com, PCMAG.com, Harvard Business Review and Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor in his book The Innovators DNA, Internet Retailer, & have been used at leading business schools such as The Harvard Business School, The University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business and Carnegie Mellon University. And, I was quoted recently in an article on innovaton by the Financial Times.

This is my wonderful family. I’m really, really lucky to be that hot girl’s husband and to be the dad of such awesome kids.

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I started this blog on March 26, 2006 mainly as a hobby and as an outlet for my overly-busy mind.  Over time, it has thankfully turned into a well-visited hub consisting of a healthy community of like-minded people.  Thanks for reading, contributing, and for your attention.  I appreciate you visiting shmula.com — thank you.

For more on my professional background, please visit my Consulting Page, thank you.


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