Do you want to reach a diverse group of Customer Experience, Turnaround, Six Sigma, and Lean Enterprise professionals? How about CEO’s, and Chief Operating Officers?  Strategy and Management Consulting Professionals?

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Audience Statistics

  • Average of 68,000 unique visitors per month and 85,000 pageviews per month
  • 55% Male, 45% Female
  • 31% ages 18-34
  • 35% ages 35-49
  • Affluent Audience: 42% earn $100,000+ per year
  • Educated: 67% Bachelor’s and above
  • From All Over the World: Visitors from 215 Countries and Territories
  • Traffic Source: 100% from Search Engines
  • Pagerank: 5
  • 13,878 RSS Feed Subscribers
  • 12,283 Double opt-in Email Newsletter Subscribers
  • 1,702 Twitter Followers
  • Over 7,000 inbound links (all natural, zero link sharing and zero paid links)

Queries, CTR, Impressions, Avg. Position

QueryImpressionsClicksCTRAvg. position
toyota product development161275%2.9
interviewing with google161275%1.8
interview at google583662%3.1
iphone supply chain583662%2.8
google mergers and acquisitions362261%1
productivity and efficiency281657%1.3
weighted moving average forecasting281657%3.4
interview google281657%1.4
google job interviews281657%1.2
toyota product development system281657%11
a3 examples221255%1
a3 report sample221255%1.2
control charts for dummies221255%1
fail photos221255%170
google interviews26014054%1.8
interviewing at google1407352%1.8
hidden factory733649%1.5
process cycle efficiency582848%3
google interview experience462248%4.2
google technical interview questions582848%2.5
google interview process72032044%2.1
apple supply chain management361644%5.1
jeff bezos leadership style281243%2.7
google job interview answers281243%1.2
google job interview26011042%1.5
process measures461635%4
apple supply chain1705834%7.3
google job offer361233%3.2
child fail361233%23
weighted moving average formula361233%6
google job requirements361233%4
productivity efficiency16531%1.3
baby fail732230%71
company history sample581628%4.3
a3 report templates581628%3.7
google phone interview2607328%3.2
a3 process461226%3
interview with google461226%3.3
reply all461226%11
5 why1403626%8.7
google job interview questions answers1403626%2.2
perceptual maps461226%9.3
google interview130032025%3.2
a3 toyota1102825%4.2
statistical process control charts912224%7.2
profit tree22523%2
moving average forecasting731622%4.2
fail pics2104622%210
fail pictures130026020%210
google job interview questions130026020%2.3
history of toyota motor company911618%7
diagram ishikawy2103617%29
toyota motor corporation history731216%4.4
5 whys diagram731216%11
toyota information system731216%3
heijunka box1702816%9.9
a3 report72011015%6.4
obeya room3204614%13
sipoc model911213%3.7
getting a job at google1702213%6.6
ishikawa diagram911213%64
google hiring process1702213%9.7
visual management7209113%14
bible belt3904612%9.9
control charts1101211%18
google interview questions3203611%11
toyota a31401611%5.5
factory waste46511%17
statistical process control1101211%5.9
toyota company170169%9.5
food in germany170169%2.7
visual management examples5859%21
toyota company history260228%7
root cause analysis590468%39
cause and effect diagram260228%18
how to get a job at google320227%9.8
queuing theory170127%52
perceptual map320227%9.9
google recruitment process170127%9
toyota production system390287%24
history of toyota880587%7.9
5 whys root cause analysis390226%8.7
toyota history1000586%7.7
wisdom teeth removal54003206%3.1
fishbone diagram320165%49
wisdom teeth extraction1000465%3.6
wisdom teeth recovery29001104%4.8
impacted wisdom teeth1000364%7.1
wisdom tooth extraction1600584%4.2
job in google320124%8.4
working at google320124%5.7
change management320124%140
goodbye pictures390164%85
history of toyota company14054%7
wisdom teeth pulled17053%3.8
wisdom tooth1600463%7.1
wisdom tooth removal480122%4.3
google job2900582%7.2
wisdom teeth222004802%5.2
fancy food590122%4.8
turn around39051%26