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Customer Experience Practice

We are obsessed with improving the customer experience. Since you’re reading this, I bet you are too. After years of experience in improving the customer experience, we’ve surgically honed our services to fit client needs that produce tangible and measurable outcomes.

Our services are divided into the following practice areas:

1. Customer Experience Management

This service area focuses on detractor reduction and avoidance. With over 15 years in continuous improvement and thought leadership in Lean Thinking, we utilize the tools of Lean to systematically identify and eliminate the sources of customer dissatisfaction. This approach yields practical outcomes that improve the customer experience by reducing the drivers that propel your customers to be detractors of your brand, service, or product.

2. Customer Feedback Management

We understand that increasing customer loyalty and retention requires more than what continuous improvement can provide. Addressing the emotional drivers of dissatisfaction is just as important or – even more so – than plainly addressing points of hassle for the customer. Understanding what the customer actually experiences, identifying pain points in their journey, and arriving at actionable countermeasures that address root causes is at the heart of our approach.

3. Customer Experience Measurement Framework

Developing a practical measurement framework that both guides future efforts and gives context to current experience is the sole purpose of this practice. An additional benefit through a systematic measurement system is that employees can get behind customer experience programs, leading to company- wide cultural change, placing the customer at the center of company efforts.

4. Survey Design and Methodology

Establishing a consistent, valid, and cogent customer feedback system that helps us understand what the customer desires to feel vs how they actually feel is one the primary outcome of this practice. This service area feeds into the others, producing a closed-loop system designed to improve the customer experience and increase loyalty.

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Each service area is naturally linked to the other service areas, but can also be done independently of the others.

Other Services

With over 15 years of experience in continuous improvement and practical application of Lean in various industries, we have services focused on the training of Lean Methodology, Deployment of Lean, and also the practical application of Six Sigma. In general, these services are focused on improving the internal metrics of the firm, but specifically focus on the drivers of earnings and cash.

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Below are some notable project outcomes:

  • Developed Net Promoter Score Customer Feedback Loop: Developed the blueprint for an organization-wide NPS Customer Feedback Loop process to both collect and then improve on verbatim responses provided by the customer. This was a 13,000 person organization.
  • Healthcare Company, Hospital, & Insurer: Reduced by 113 days the Procure-to-Build-to-Launch process of hospitals & clinics by eliminating several time-traps & implementing a real-time inspection process & standardizing all non-core steps.  In other words, a Hospital or Clinic was available 113 days sooner than the previous construction process, allowing communities and neighborhoods to be served much sooner than before and also allows the firm to recognize revenue sooner and optimize on Return on Invested Capital than the previous construction process.
  • Healthcare Company, Hospital, & Insurer: Reduced inbound call volume by 8.5% through a team-based Kaizen effort which identified several root causes and quick, practical countermeasures were implemented.
  • Healthcare Company, Hospital, & Insurer: Reduced patient wait-time by 17% at a high-volume Ophthalmic Veterans Affairs Clinic and increased patient delivery capacity by 1 additional patient every 26 minutes.
  • Medical Diagnostic Company: Increased Sales Force Effectiveness by 30% by developing a statistical model showing physicians, geography, covered lives, and insurance penetration.
  • The Leader in eCommerce:
    • Reduced overproduction by 60% at moderate factory bottleneck through the implementation of a Drum-Buffer-Rope System, enabling a Pull system between Shipping and Picking.
    • Reduced worldwide inventory write-offs by 18%, amounting to significant savings for the firm, improved controllership, and greater Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance.
    • Reduced Fastrack Misses by 97% (Next Day Priority Shipping, “Prime”)
    • For the Holiday Peak Season, built a Discrete-Event Simulation Queueing Model based on Stress-Test data, which exposed areas of improvement in space capacity, flow, inventory traps, distribution of employees across departments (staffing and attrition), and scheduling.
    • Improved Procure-to-Pay of non-inventory but business-critical materials by 40%.
  • A High-Volume Printing Company: Led a Lean Deployment, including training, coaching and facilitating Kaizen in the company.  One notable result led to the reduction of space utilization by 32%, enabling the firm to forego, for 1 year, building or renting additional facilities.  This project resulted in a cost-avoidance of $600,000 and a preservation of free cash flow.
  • The Leader in online Genealogy Research: Improved the concept-to-release process in software development from releasing once every quarter to once every 3 weeks, with no degradation of quality; efforts led to tighter coupling between marketing, software, product, and testing leading to greater fidelity to customer requirements.

I’ve added value at notable companies such as, eBay, Eli Lilly, Kaiser Permanente, and Toyota. I am a Six Sigma Master Black Belt & speak at industry events in Lean and Six Sigma (click here to see a past brochure).  I am an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University, where I teach students at the Marriott School of Management in Operations and Supply Chain Management and I am on the Board of Directors for iSixSigma, the content leader in Six Sigma.  I am also active in the business and technology community in Utah and was peer-nominated as a v|100 for 2009, a recognition awarded to influential business leaders in the state of Utah.

I earned my undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University in Philosophy and Mathematics and my graduate degree from The University of Chicago in Operations Research.

I’m a green-thumb-challenged gardener, a wannabe cook, and happily married to my High School sweetheart.