Defect Display Board at the Bike Trails

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While on a hike with the kids last week, my eye caught this very nice Defect Display Board, explaining what is not appropriate to do on the hiking trail. This chart was nice because it was large, easily visible from a far distance, and is right at the entrance of the trail. In other words, you’re forced to look at it.

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The cart shows picture examples of inappropriate activities to do on the trail such as:

  • Graffiti
  • Improper Disposal of Campfire Ring
  • Camfire Ring Not Dispersed and Built in an Illegal Area
  • Improper Campfire Sites
  • Vegetation Damage
  • Litter Left in Camp Areas

Some of the items above would be very difficult to explain in words alone. Which is why effective visual management works so well – a picture literally is worth a thousand words.

defect display board


  1. SHerri Gallagher says

    I had a client that needed to have procedures done for the work force, the majority of which did not read or write in any language. We did step by step procedures with photos. We thought it was going to be horrifically difficult to do. Once we set up a plan, grouping products in families, and format and training program, it actually only took about 2 times as long as to write out the procedures in words, does not need as much updating and has reduced mis-communications.

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