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9 Emotions Only Kaizen Event Leaders Understand

kaizen event preparation checklist, confidence

Kaizen Leaders – this article is for you. For those that have led and facilitated Point Kaizen Events, you have undoubtedly experience many emotions as you led a group through the steps of Plan-Do-Check-Act. Especially early in your career. But even more experienced veterans, there’s still some element of nervousness. You will surely relate to […]

Visual Management at a Hotel

visual management at a hotel

Don’t you hate it when you attempt to get a fork from a condiment stand, but end up picking up a spoon? Has that ever happened to you? I hope I’m not alone in this one. Well, at a recent hotel stay, I experienced simple and powerful visual management that completely prevented me from making […]

Ever Wonder What Kaizen and Shaving Have in Common?

art and science of kaizen

 At first glance, there’s no relationship between Kaizen and Shaving. But, like most things, it takes creativity and insight to recognize that a well planned and executed Kaizen that yields positive results is no different than a well executed and planned shave, where the outcome is a close, clean, and a razor burn free shave. […]

Lean and Six Sigma Is Not For Lovers. Until Now.

how to love using six sigma

You are a murderer of Love; A Reject of Romance – have you ever been accused of being either of those before? Yeah, me too. Lean and Six Sigma is NOT for Lovers. Until Now. That’s right. Maybe you’ve been accused of the following also: “You’re too process oriented” “You’re too systematic” “You’re too focused on […]

What a Coffee Cup Taught Me About Poka Yoke and Human Errors

coffee cup from ireland

One can learn a lot about Poka Yoke and Human Errors. This is a story about what a coffee cup taught me about how poor design in our products and systems invite human error. Many years ago, I had to travel to Dublin every few months for work. I had team members there and part […]