Poka Yoke is a Lean Concept that helps us to Design Products and Services that Prevent Errors and Defects. Many Poka Yoke Examples Below

What a Coffee Cup Taught Me About Poka Yoke and Human Errors

coffee cup from ireland

One can learn a lot about Poka Yoke and Human Errors. This is a story about what a coffee cup taught me about how poor design in our products and systems invite human error. Often, organizations just aren’t versed in good Poka Yoke System Design. Many years ago, I had to travel to Dublin every […]

How Not to Get Fat: Facebook Cafeteria Prevents Overeating Through Poka Yoke


Few of us think of eating as a process, but it is. And, just like any process, there are wastes that can be categorized into the 7 Wastes.  For example, one could even commit Overproduction – in other words, eat more than is needed. The customer in this case is your stomach. Religious folks call […]

Poka Yoke Example: Prevent Error Through Embarrassment and Humiliation

poka yoke examples, subway sign, japan

Poka Yoke Subway Sign Examples – Can Humiliation be enough to prevent human errors? There are numerous methods of preventing error or preventing defects. We discuss several of those in my series on Poka Yoke Examples. But, rarely, do we see an example of Poka Yoke where humiliation and embarassment was the primary method of […]

No Skateboarding Sign: A Poka Yoke Approach

no skateboarding sign, poka yoke

We know that a Poka-Yoke approach is a much more effective approach to preventing mistakes and errors. But, sometimes, we see the approach of providing a “do not” sign only, which by itself, is not effective. But, coupled with a process or system that prevents the human from making mistakes or the error from being […]

Toilet Seat Down or Up? This Poka Yoke Forces You to Put Toilet Seat Down


Toilet Seat Down or Up? With this trick, you’re guaranteed to always have the toilet seat down. My family and I recently returned from a vacation. We went on a cruise – our first one. And, our experience was great. I highly recommend going on a cruise – much more affordable than Disneyland, that’s for […]