Neighbor Dog Poop on My Lawn and Crap in My Yard [video]

Review of: Neighbor Dog Poop on Lawn and Garden and Yard

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On October 5, 2012
Last modified:March 31, 2014


How to deal with neighbors that take their dog poop in your yard and lawn? This book is the definitive guide on how to deal with people that take their dog for a crap in your very own garden.

how to deal with difficult peopleDo you have difficult neighbors and do they let their dog take a HUGE crap in your yard? Do you think to yourself “my neighbor dog poop on my lawn – what do I do about it?”

Neighbor’s Dog took a HUGE CRAP on my Lawn

Then you’ve come to the right place. We understand you and how you feel. You’re probably angry, confused, and unsure of what to do with neighbors that have no respect or courtesy for your personal property.

You are angry, confused, and unsure. Your neighbor’s don’t respect you. What should you do?

My Neighbor’s Dog is Pooping in my Yard. Now What? 101 Ways to Get Your Yard and Dignity Back” is the book written for you. It is Available on This book contains the stories of people JUST LIKE YOU – and they have advice JUST FOR YOU. We know this book will help answer those tough questions you have for what might seem like a simple problem, is actually very emotionally complicated.

Book Excerpt of Neighbor’s Dog Pooping on Your Lawn

We had just moved into our new house in 2006, when we were immediately met with an interesting challenge: our neighbor freely takes their dog poopy on our front yard. Now what? Well, like any spineless male in their early 30’s, I wrote a blog post about it. What happened next was magic: I received hundreds of comments – advice about what to do with a neighbor who takes their dog poopy in others’ yards. I knew quickly that I had hit a nerve because the volume of responses was so high and the tone of their responses was full of emotion. And now, six years later, that blog post still receives comments and advice from readers from around the world. It became very clear to me: dealing with dog poop in our yards from dogs that are not our own is a universal problem. It’s been said that Math is the common language across all cultures. I’d venture to say that poopy in our lawn is a common experience across all cultures, religions, and geographies. But there’s a backstory here: That original post became somewhat of a channel for people to vent and share their own experiences about dog poo and their neighbors. What I came to realize is that it wasn’t just dog poo and property rights at stake here, but our overall notion of dignity, respect, and basic human decency were being threatened. In a way, that article became an online Dr. Phil show – about dogs and poopy in the yard, but also about feeling victimized, anger, revenge, salvation, vindication, and what it means to be a human. So, I present to you the advice of many random and emotional people about what to do with neighbors that have no regard about where their dog goes poopy. As you read, keep in mind that it’s not just advice you’ll be reading, but you’ll be presented with their personal stories and experiences. This book is a compilation of the best advice from that article originally written in 2006. At best, I hope you find the advice here helpful; at worse, I hope you’ll read something that will make you laugh.

how to deal with mean neighbors
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