Queueing Theory

Yes, Queueing Theory is for EVERYBODY: for you, your mama, your papa, and your baby’s mama. Queueing Theory Applications – for real.

Well, that’s what I believe anyway. But really, there are applications of Queuing Theory everywhere…you don’t believe me? Continue reading.

Have you ever waited in line somewhere and thought to yourself: “There’s got to be a better way than just wait here all of my life?” Well, you’re right. The science that looks into the aspects of waiting and in managing lines – at all sorts of venues from the Airport to Amusement Parks; from Restaurants to the Hospital – is called Queueing Theory.

So, let’s dive in.

Introduction to Queueing Theory

  1. Introduction to Queueing Theory and Application of Little’s Law in Fulfillment and Distribution
  2. Relationship between Heijunka and Queueing Theory
  3. How to Model a Queue in Microsoft Excel
  4. Little’s Law Reference
  5. The Psychology of Waiting Lines – An Introduction
  6. Effects of Waste on a Queue and Wait Time
  7. Call Centers as Queueing Systems
  8. Disneyland Fast Pass as a Queue
  9. Multitasking Does Not Speed Up a Queue – Generally
  10. Impact of Variability on a Queueing System
  11. Psychology of Queueing at Disneyland

Queueing Theory Applications

  1. The impact of Queueing on the Customer Experience
  2. Youtube Video Upload as a Massive Queue
  3. Applying Little’s Law to Product Development
  4. Fedex is a Big Queue
  5. Constraints, Bottlenecks, and Queues
  6. Supply Chain and Queueing
  7. Build-a-Bear Workshop and Queueing for Children
  8. Just in Time Simulation with Monte Carlo Methods to Visualize Queueing
  9. Queueing Theory and Terrorism
  10. Cycle Time, Takt Time, Queueing at McDonald’s
  11. Retail Checkout Counter – Wait Here Until Who Knows When
  12. On Queueing Theory and Elevator Mirrors
  13. Jiffy Lube Oil Change Psychology of Queueing
  14. Psychology of Queueing and Build-a-Bear Workshop
  15. Making The World Feel Small at Las Vegas – Queueing at a Hotel
  16. Travel Time and Impact on Waiting
  17. Jiffy Lube Oil Change and Queueing

Queueing Psychology or Psychology of Waiting Lines

  1. The Role of Attitude and Psychology of Queueing
  2. Wait Time at a Fast Food Restaurant
  3. The Best Reference on the Role of Variation and Queueing You’ll Ever See
  4. Haunted Houses, Halloween, and Queueing to get Scared
  5. High Price of Gas and Queueing – Waiting at the Gas Pump
  6. Elevator Mirrors as a Way to Reduce Psychology of Queueing
  7. Terrorism and the Impact on Queueing
  8. Back to School Shopping and Queueing – Waiting Lines and Revenue
  9. Twilight Series, Jacob, Bella, Edward, and Queueing
  10. Software Development is Queue Management – Kind Of
  11. Fulfillment Center is a Big Giant Queue

Queueing Theory Case Studies

  1. The Shape of a Queue Might be Culturally Based
  2. How to Adopt a Child: A Study in Queueing
  3. NCAA Basketball Bracket is a Queue
  4. Staring at Nothing Makes the Line Feel Longer
  5. Definition of Queueing Theory
  6. The Hajj: The Road to Mecca is Really Long
  7. Japan Earthquake and Crowd Control
  8. Comprehensive Resource Page on Queueing Theory Books
  9. Cybermonday Makes Lines Longer, right?
  10. Black Friday Should be Called Long Line Friday
  11. Costs, Service Level, and Waiting Line Management
  12. Crowd Control and Queueing – Can’t We All Get Along?
  13. There are No Average Experiences – Just Waiting
  14. Application of Queueing Theory in Restaurant Management
  15. Service Operation and Queueing Applications
  16. Get In Line Please: Waiting at the Social Security Office
  17. Reduce Cycle Time? Use Little’s Law
  18. Customer Satisfaction and Restaurant Wait Time
  19. Unexplained Delays – Say What?